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Design Concept Developer

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Netherlands
December 23, 2020
Design Concept Developer

Design Concept Developer

Job description

G-Star strives to be the most hardcore denim brand in the world.

To achieve this, we are looking for hardcore thinkers and do-ers, who dare to create the future of premium and purposeful denim with us.

We are looking for people with big dreams, while keeping their feet on the ground. Those who are not afraid to push the limits, because we believe there are no limits in what denim can do.

Are you up for the challenge?
Are you the perfect fit for our team?
Are you a bit of a rebellious spirit?
Then we would love to hear from you!

Job purpose:
As a Design Concept Developer you are responsible for learning, and subsequently developing and improving, the G-Star design language. You are responsible for utilizing this knowledge to realize seasonal design concepts – dedicated to seasonal collections – together with your direct design superior. You are responsible for the translation of each seasonal concept into a complete range of products in one – or more – product categories of that given season. Every product should be represented by a product design. Each product design should be clearly illustrated and supplemented with relevant detail illustrations and any accompanying text necessary to completely clarify every aspect of the garment’s construction and execution. The product design and accompanying information should be formatted and executed in the manner determined by G-Star to align with its processes and systems.

The Design Concept Developer is expected to choose appropriate fit, graphics, fabrics, colours, washes and trims for their designs. The execution of all of the above should be carried out in order to satisfy the requirements of their design superior.

The Design Concept Developer should also work to increase the commerciality of their designs, unless the execution of such contradicts the product requirements stated by their design superior.

The Design Concept Developer should work to increase the ease of manufacture of their designs, unless the execution of such contradicts the product requirements stated by their design superior.

Tasks and Responsibilities

• Learning and improving the G-Star design language and executing collections to the satisfaction of their direct design superior.
• Development of collection concepts together with their direct design superior.
• Providing designs for the product groups assigned to them in a timely manner and in a format of G-Star’s choosing.
• Providing the relevant information to the individuals responsible for fit, trims, graphics, fabrics, colours and washes for the correct execution of the product designs provided by the Design Concept Developer themselves.
• Ensuring that the designs move smoothly to the prototype phase by providing all relevant information necessary for the prototype’s execution.
• Ensuring that resulting prototypes respect the requirements specified by the Design Concept Developer during the handover of the design to the relevant Product Developer. This entails fitting each garment and assessing its shortcomings or faults from technical and aesthetic standpoints.
• Prepare for collection presentations and “Step” meetings so that the management can easily assess the progress of the department in designing and executing each collection.
• Facilitate the introduction of new team members by educating them as to the correct execution of their duties.
• Explain to other departments seasonal concepts or individual designs, and provide written information regarding those concepts or designs when necessary.
• Adopt new systems or computer applications deemed by G-Star to be necessary for the improvement of the product development process.
• Be able to travel to overseas suppliers, fairs or events when necessary.
• Take responsibility for interns taken on by the design department.
• Interface with the Product Development and Merchandizing teams to ensure that the final products produced by G-Star respect their requirements, as well as those of the design department.


What you bring to the table:
• Bachelor degree in Fashion
• Able to use Adobe Illustrator effectively.
• Fully comfortable working in English.

What does G-Star bring to the table:
Beyond a competitive salary, working at G-Star brings many other perks and exciting opportunities: an awesome and diverse team that collaborates to change the game; a work environment that offers room for fun, inspiration and innovation; a clothing budget; a healthy, fresh and delicious lunch and even discounts in various fitness clubs and last but not least, a discount on a new bicycle.

What will happen next:
• We will thoroughly review your CV (English is our corporate language, so please apply in English)
• When we hopefully find what we are looking for, we will call you for a chat and if it’s a good fit, we’ll plan our first interview
• Because we’re very curious how you’d survive a mission impossible, we ask you to prepare a real-life business case in a follow-up interview
• When we’re ready to commit to each other, we’ll finalize the terms we’ve discussed and we’ll explain to you how to order your first pair of jeans from the G-Star employee store. Good luck!