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About G-Star RAW

For almost 30 years, G-Star RAW has pushed the boundaries of denim design, changing an industry obsessed with the past by manifesting its own vision of the future.

All individuals who want to leave a lasting impact, make a positive difference, and inspire others along the way, are invited to join us on the journey as we create the next 30 years of history.

G-Star RAW’s ambition is to be recognized as the leading denim company that creates tomorrow’s classics. It’s our mission to inspire people to be game-changers by being one ourselves.

G-Star has three core values that capture our philosophy today;

RAW: Real, honest and authentic. To be RAW is to be unpretentious, but also seductive and rebellious. Both inside and outside the company, we value diversity and applaud an original point of view.

Empathic: We are the curious company with a genuine interest in individuals. We want to be empathic to people’s needs: our consumers, our employees and everyone who works in our supply chain. We are highly considerate to the footprint we leave on this planet.

Design-Led: We are the creative, design-driven company that puts quality first and strives balance aesthetics and functionality. We design with the future in mind: directional, durable and sustainable.