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About G-Star RAW

G-Star RAW is the innovative denim brand. With a philosophy of ‘Just the Product’ since inception in 1989, G-Star remains dedicated to denim craftsmanship while striving to lead in its evolution.

The brand first defied status quo in 1996 by introducing raw, untreated denim to a market saturated with heavily treated and stone washed jeans. That same year, head designer Pierre Morisset invented ‘3D Denim’, a pioneering approach of engineering jean construction -both events confirming G-Star as a challenger to the conventions of jeans.


Preferring to practice product engineering rather than design, today G-Star produces seasonal collections of men’s and womenswear that span a specialist range of jeans and beyond – including outerwear, shirts, knitwear, as well as footwear and eyewear.

Unrestrained by its industry, G-Star ventures into unconventional collaborations. These unique design experiments fuse the G-Star DNA with that of fellow product manufacturers. The RAW Prouvé line is the latest in the series, alongside projects with Leica cameras and Land Rover vehicles.