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About G-Star RAW


Denim. It’s our passion, it’s in our blood. But we are not just another denim brand. We are RAW. Since 1989, we have pushed the boundaries of denim design, changing an industry obsessed with the past by manifesting our own vision of the future.

Hardcore Denim is the philosophy that pushes us to invent, explore and take craftsmanship to another level. Down to the smallest detail and with a strong belief that there’s no limit to what denim can do. With innovation, sustainability and creativity at our core, we produce pioneering styles and challenge industry standards, while constantly trying to improve our impact on people and planet.





We are RAW
We are real, honest and authentic. We dare to stand out while keeping our feet on the ground. And always with a sense of humor.

We are a creative, design-driven company, always on the hunt for the next innovation and highly passionate about balancing aesthetics and functionality. We design with the future in our mind, not only in style but also in the way we impact our planet and the people around us.

We are EAGER
We are an ambitious bunch. We love to learn, prefer to win, and demand to be challenged along the way. We highly value individuality but always work as a team.