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Does G-Star offer internships or traineeships?

G-Star offered its first Analytic Traineeship in 2022. Keep a lookout for more traineeships on our website, they will be listed as vacancies.

G-Star is offering several internships in different areas. Our main starting times are in February/March and August/September. Internship have a length of a minimum of 5 months. If there is an internship open, it will be listed as an internship on our career website.

I would like to work in a G-Star store, where do I apply?

Majority of the vacancies within G-Star retail environments are operated by franchise partners, therefore position vacancies are advertised locally/in store rather than on our Careers page. We advise you contact the store directly using the Store Locator to find out if there are opportunities available.

As a global company, where in the world can I work for G-Star?

We operate globally, with several small offices and multiple store environments worldwide, and a headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Majority of roles are based at HQ in Amsterdam.

I work for a recruitment agency. Can we work together?

We aim to fill our vacancies through direct sourcing, therefore we don’t work with agencies.

Is there a code of conduct for G-Star employees?

Yes, to ensure a responsible and ethical work environment we defined the RAW Ethics, providing a clear framework of G-Star standards and guidelines. You can find these guidelines here: RAW Ethics

I have question that isn’t answered in these FAQ’s

Any other questions can be submitted through our contact page. We will get back to you as soon as possible.