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Fitting Models

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Design & Product
September 13, 2022
Fitting Models

Fitting Models

Denim. It’s our passion. It’s in our blood.
But we are not just another denim brand.
We’re RAW.

At G-Star, we are obsessed with denim. Together we push to invent, explore and take craftsmanship to another level. Down to the smallest detail and with a strong belief that there is no limit to what denim can do.
To achieve this, we are always looking for hardcore thinkers and do-ers , who want to join us in creating the future of premium and purposeful denim.

Are you up for the challenge?
Are you the perfect fit for our team?
Are you a bit of a rebellious spirit?
Then we would love to hear from you!

Apply to this vacancy via the following email address: Please apply over the following email address:

Here's what we'll do together:
G-Star is looking for fitting models! In our collection development process we regularly need to fit our garments on models to ensure the highest quality in design and fit. The images that are taken during these fittings are for internal purposes only. They will not be distributed within the company or to suppliers, unless with the intent of communicating technical issues requiring visual proof points. The photos will never be used for any external marketing or communication purposes.

What you bring to the table:
• You have an enthusiastic and relaxed attitude
• You have the required sample body measurements (ideal measurements at the bottom of this text)
• You are capable to share your feedback regarding the comfort of the garment when requested
• You are flexible to be booked within office hours Mon-Fri between 9:00-17:30 (usually you will be booked for a duration of 2 hours up to a full day)
• You live in or near Amsterdam
• You speak Dutch and/or English
• You are willing to work freelance
• You accept financial compensation at what G-Star deems a reasonable market rate
Sample sizes at G-Star:
Body length 172-176cm
Bust 86cm
Waist 69cm
Widest hip 94cm
Thigh 54,5cm
Body length 182-186cm
Bust 98cm
Waist 84cm
Hip 98cm
Thigh 58cm
Interested? If you are interested please apply by sending an email to

 What will happen next:
• Please apply over the following email address:
• When applying, please send us the following information:
•Contact details; name, address, date of birth,
email, phone number
• Confection size, jeans size, shoe size
• Images of full body from front, side and back
(wear fairly tight clothing) and a close-up portrait