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Supply Chain department

Supply Chain

The G-Star Raw supply chain department consists of a team of specialists that are active in the fields of Purchasing, Supply Planning, Planning & Supply Chain projects, Controlled-Allocation and Data & Pricing. The team is responsible for the global movement of all G-Star products, covering everything from initial material bookings till the allocation of the final products into one of our G-Star stores worldwide, either brick or click. The goals of the department are to have a full focus on what the customers need and making sure all actions and processes reflect this need.

The team is predominantly based in our HQ office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, working closely together with the regional teams based in US, Japan, and South-Africa. Our vendors are based across the globe, both near- and offshore, ranging from Turkey to China and back to Mauritius. Guaranteeing a reliable and just-in-time inflow of new product, with constant developments in both demand (customer) and supply (vendors) factors, requires a swift and agile way of working with all internal and external stakeholders.

We currently have 1 vacant positions in Supply Chain

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